2014: The Year of the Horse

Ma Li Horse Strength

One comment we have received is the origin of our logo. The characters run vertically and are pronounced “Ma Li” which literally translates to “Horse Strength” or “Horse Power.” The word “Ma” is contained in both of our names which provides a unique opportunity to link us to our brand but there are many words in Chinese that are pronounced “Ma.” We chose the horse to symbolize our company for several reasons.

First, in Chinese astrology, February 2014 marks the beginning of the year of the wooden Horse. The horse symbolizes natural forces mastered by human beings and is the embodiment of power and endurance. In weightlifting, one must use natural forces to overcome the barbell, and the Chinese weightlifting system is characterized by developing physical qualities to achieve mastery of these forces.

Second, the horse favors physical movement, travel, and exercise, which we feel coincides with our desire to promote Chinese weightlifting methods through our seminars both in the US and abroad. Third, the horse is very adaptable and when tempered by the wood element of the horse, is able to set long term goals and plan. We feel this combination of adaptability and planning is important in the development of a weightlifter and a characteristic used in the Chinese weightlifting system.

2 thoughts on “2014: The Year of the Horse

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    Ben "iron hobbit" Winter-Giles says:

    Great little story. I’m also a weightlifting coach here in Australia. I teach predominantly Russian and Chinese techniques depending on the athlete.

    I use a lot of non verbal teaching methods.. Which I learnt from training horses. So your story here was fascinating for me to read. Thanks!

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