Welcome to Ma Strength – your ultimate site on Chinese weightlifting. Our mission is to provide athletes and coaches with the tools they need to enhance weightlifting performance using the knowledge and methods of the Chinese weightlifting system. What makes us unique is our expertise and experience in these methods. We aim to fill the growing demand for knowledge and application about the Chinese weightlifting system through this blog and website, along with our technique clinics, coaching seminars, products, and online projects.

In addition to sharing information about Chinese weightlifting and our experience in implementing these methods, our goal is to interact with our readers in order to provide interesting and unique content. So we encourage you to become part of the conversation by sharing your interests, ideas, and feedback in the comments section.

We are Ma Strength. We are Chinese weightlifting.

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    Nathan Serrano says:

    I have a question regarding the Chinese lifting technique in the snatch. From the floor, is it acceptable to have your shoulders come in front of the bar slightly in the first pull? There seems to be a split decision with this aspect of the first pull and I think it would be a good topic of discussion. Should the shoulders stay in line with the vertical plane of the bar or can they come forward slightly as the knees get pushed back?

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      Ma Strength says:

      Hello Nathan,

      Thank you for your question. The starting location of the shoulder and its movement during the first pull is highly dependent on the lifter’s torso length and leg length. What is important is that the lifter maintains their center of balance near the forefoot. The lifter must move in a specific (to their build) way to maintain this balance and this will result in the shoulders moving in an appropriate manner.

      In general, shorter lifters will be able to maintain a more upright position while maintain a forefoot balance while taller lifters will have their shoulders more over the bar in order to maintain balance.

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    Ly Terrado says:

    Hello. I’m so excited to have found you! I’ve been searching for a long while on Chinese lifting techniques and am eager to learn everything I can from you. Any SF Bay Area clinics or certifications in the near future? Thanks

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