Team China at the 2016 Games

This page covers the performance of Team China during the 2016 Games.


56kg Class

The dragon teaches you that if you want to climb high you have to do it against the wind—Chinese proverb

After missing the 2012 Games and bombing out at world’s last year, or friend Long Qingquan (56kg) came back to win 2016 China nationals with a 300kg total to qualify for Rio. Today he soared against the wind by snatching a personal best of 137kg (over 300 lbs) to match Mutlu’s 16 year old Olympic record and set a new Olympic and world record of 307 (2kg over the existing record)! Congratulations China Dragon on your second Olympic championship!!! ????????????????????????


62kg Class
Unfortunately, Chen Lijun cramped hard after cutting weight, so much so that he couldn’t perform. He ended up withdrawing after 2 snatch attempts.

69kg Class
Every step leaves a footprint—Chinese proverb
Today Shi Zhiyong left his footprint in becoming Olympic champion in the 69kg class, following in steps of previous 69kg Chinese champions such as the elder Shi Zhiyong, Zhang Guozheng, and Liao Hui.
He snatched a competition best of 162kg and (squat) jerked a massive 190. he tried to break Liao Hui’s world record total record but it wasn’t there today. He’s still young and will have more attempts in the future. Congratulations Shi!!!????????????????????????

77kg Class
力敵千军…”The strength to defeat a thousand enemies.”—Lu Xiaojun

Our dear friend Lu Xiaojun proved to have the strength during the snatch by setting a new Olympic and world record of 177kg!!! He jerked 202 but placed second on bodyweight.????????????????????????


85kg Class
Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one—Chinese proverb

Some tense lifting from our friend Tian Tao! Despite an injured elbow, he managed an amazing save with a 178kg snatch which is a competition best. He also smashed the the Olympic record in the CJ and total with a squat jerk! Unfortunately he lost by 1kg totaling 395. He still has room to improve and showed enormous heart! Congrats to your silver medal winning performance Tian! ????????????????????????



53kg Class
Our friend Li Yajun was leading in the snatch but unfortunately bombed out in the clean and jerk. She will work on getting stronger to overcome her lockout.

63kg Class
A year’s harvest counts on spring; a person’s success counts on his diligence. — Chinese proverb
Congratulations to our friend Deng Wei (63kg) who lifted diligently to successfully become Olympic champion!!! She hails from the Majiang training base, home of the summer ‪#‎mastrengthcamp‬ where diligence to high quality training is emphasized. She equaled the Olympic record of 115kg in the snatch and crushed the Olympic and World records in the CJ and total!!! ????????????????????????
So don’t rush for progress, instead train diligently and build your success off that foundation.

69kg Class
Congratulations to Xiang Yanmei for winning women’s 69kg class in Rio!!! She cleaned 143kg in this video from 2015 world’s but managed to do 2kg more today (over double bodyweight!!!).????????????????????????

Quiet thoughts mend the body—Chinese proverb

After winning silver many times, or friend Meng Suping snatched 130kg and jerked 177kg to finally win a gold medal in the +75kg class! Although she missed her openers, rather than let anxiety take over she kept her thoughts quiet and focused which allowed her to improved in her subsequent attempts! She follows previous Chinese Olympic champions in the class such as Ding Meiyuan, Tang Gonghong, and Zhou Lulu. Congratulations Meng Suping!!!????????????????????????

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