Chinese Weightlifting Technique Clinic: Tacoma Washington

For those of you near the Tacoma, WA area, we invite you to join the Ma Strength team on Nov 22-23 for our Chinese Weightlifting Technique Clinic at Trident Athletics. Participants will undergo 2 days of training learning the Chinese approach to the snatch and clean & jerk. This clinic offers something for everyone:

1) Lifters in a program will learn an intuitive approach so that they are able to focus more on their own lifting and less on a list of details.
2) Lifters without access to coaching will learn a reproducible approach so that they can advance their own lifting.
3) Coaches will expand their teaching toolbox and allow them to reach a broader audience.

Time permitting, we may also cover recovery methods used by Chinese athletes. You can register through our Seminars page . We look forward to seeing you!

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