Level II Seminar – Shenzhen, CHN

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舉重教練課程 2018年05月27 号
( *至少能完成空杠的过顶屈蹲、前屈蹲、抓举与上搏,比较能完整的参与课程)
课程学分:举重技术课程提供NASM CEUs 0.7学分。 (若需学分证明,再完成报名后,讯息告知我们)

课程日期: 2018年05月27 号

课程时间: 上午 9:00am – 11:00pm 和下午 12:00pm – 3:00pm

课程地址: CrossFit 浪潮,深圳市龙岗区坂田五和大道万科星火产业园 15A


  • 早鸟价(限报名前10人): 2250 RMB/人
  • 常规价: 2550 RMB/人









Learn about how to use Chinese weightlifting methods to improve your coaching ability and snatch, clean, and jerk technique under the guidance of the Ma Strength team.

In this clinic, you will learn:

  • A basic overview of the Chinese weightlifting system
  • Training philosophy & programming
  • Gender differences in training
  • Assistance exercises for snatch, clean, and jerk
  • Programming design for beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifters
  • An overview of recovery methods

This is seminar has a lecture and practical portion for coaches who want to enhance their coaching skills. Experienced athletes who want to improve their understanding of weightlifting techniques are welcomed as well.

Attendees should expect to learn Chinese weightlifting technique as taught in sports schools throughout China and learn an intuitive way to teach this lifting style others. This is a very practical hands-on clinic for experienced athletes who want to improve their ability to perform the lifts and coaches who want to learn an alternative way of approaching the snatch, clean, and jerk. Olympic weightlifters, Cross Fitters, trainers, and coaches are welcomed. We will be drilling A LOT so be prepared to lift and be prepared to learn.

Come ready to lift. Come ready to learn.

Who: All experience levels, including beginners, are welcome

  • Early Bird Price (limited to first 10 participants): 2250 RMB / person
  • Regular price: 2550 RMB / person

Date: Sunday, May 27, 2018
Times:  9AM – 11AM & 12-3 PM
Where: CrossFit Wave, Longgang District, Shenzhen; Bantian Wuhe Ave, Wanke Xinghuo Industrial Park 15A

blankTo Register, please choose one of the following:
  • Call:13620974172
  • WeChat: 阿发

Please use Alipay or WeChat transfer, please specify your name, gender, and contact information. Please request an invoice in advance if you need one.

*Note: This clinic teaches material that may be new to many individuals regardless of experience level; however you must be able to overhead squat, front squat, and be able to perform a full snatch and full clean with an empty bar in order to participate fully. English and Mandarin instruction available.