White Weight Training Straps for Chinese Weightlifting


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Improve your technique with the weightlifting straps used by the world’s best.

BOOST GRIP ON EVERY LIFT: The expert coaches at Ma Strength recommend using white straps to maximize your grip on power or hang snatch and clean variations.

WORLD-CLASS COMFORT: Our cotton straps are comfortable on the wrist, requiring only one loop. This allows for a quick release when losing a lift.

IDEAL FOR TECHNICAL WORK: Our white weightlifting straps are smaller and thinner than our blue straps, making them perfect for technical lifts like power cleans or snatches.

PREFERRED BY CHAMPIONS: Our weightlifting straps are used by the highest level lifters in China.

Specifications: We currently ship world wide. If you experience difficulty placing an order outside the US, please let us know at [email protected]. Domestic shipping usually takes 3-5 business days while international shipping takes about 6-14 business days plus any processing time through your local customs and post office.

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