Weightlifting Camp

We are excited to announce the establishment of the Ma Strength Weightlifting Camp. This is an exclusive opportunity to experience the Chinese weightlifting system and take your lifting and knowledge to the next level. Currently we hold a summer and winter camp.

During a camp you will:

  1. Have the rare opportunity to be coached individually by Chinese professional coaches.
  2. Learn about the elements of the Chinese training system through unique seminars.
  3. Engage in professional training alongside high-level male and female Chinese weightlifters and learn from their success.
  4. Immerse yourself in Chinese weightlifting culture
  5. Leave the camp with the knowledge and experience to be a more effective lifter and coach.


The application process is open and we are currently accepting applications.

    • For more information about our Summer camp, go here:
    • For more information about our Winter camp, go here:


If you cannot make it this year, please consider hosting or attending one of our technique clinics of coaching seminars. For additional questions and registration, please email us at chineseweightlifting@gmail.com [/one]

Learn more about our Level I Seminar
Learn more about our Level II Seminar
Learn more about our Level III Seminar

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